Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, all Skilled worker jobs must meet maintenance requirement for themselves and for any dependants. Most often, the employer can certify maintenance, if this is the case, you will not be required to show ay maintenance funds in your personal bank account. If your employer does not certify maintenance, you will be required to demonstrate this.  Click on this link to calculate the amount of maintenance funds that should be in your account if your employer does not certify maintenance.  https://www.gov.uk/skilled-worker-visa/your-partner-and-children

Yes, all Skilled worker visas requires mandatory English Language requirement. You can use a UK Degree, or an overseas bachelor’s degree taught in English confirmed by NARIC, or pass an approved English test- Our team will guide and provide you with links to the right tests to take when you are part of our TMS. In any case, you can learn more here https://www.gov.uk/skilled-worker-visa/knowledge-of-english

Carer job is the same and has to do with the demands of the employer in the care of their residents etc.

This may vary from company to company. And this will be determined when you get your job offer. Some companies demand contracts, others don’t.

You can switch at any time to another Skilled worker sponsored job as long as you find another job you can be sponsored in.

Our Talent Management Scheme primarily focuses on overseas candidates only as it is a relocation management programme helping to achieve relocation goals

Yes.  IELTS UKVI GENERAL is adequate.  This is captured in the FAQ on our website.  Every skilled worker visa require IELTS. Our team guide the process when an individual sign up with us

No, as some roles are care assistants and other senior carers. However, some experience is helpful. So we encourage our community to undertake experience locally and online training, again we provide them with some links overseas to get this done.

This will be helpful but not mandatory. All employer led. We will provide some useful training information and links they can take and etc as part of the community when they join.