Thank you for your interest in joining our Talent Management Community! We are excited you are considering walking your relocation journey with us. We have been working with individuals and families for over 15 years to relocate successfully to the UK.

Under the Skilled Worker category, you will need a sponsor/employer before you can come to work in the UK.

Our Talent Management Service is handled under our Relocation Coaching and Mobility management division.

MichelleBelle’s Talent Management Solution includes:

CV review and update
1. CV review 
2. Provide feedback 
3. CV and other online profile update reviews to industry standards for job applications in the UK

Employment Agency
We act as your main agent & representative and assisting you with Job Search in the UK- only for roles that can be sponsored under work permit-skilled worker category. We will:

  • Research skilled jobs eligible for sponsorship in your area of strength/career and send these to you to apply.
  • We will review your application before authorizing you to apply
  • We will also share your CV with employer sponsors who are in our partner list as soon as vacancies become available that you are suitable for. Only if you opt in for this service- Optional (see terms below)

Interview preparation
Once an interview is scheduled, we will prepare you for interview with techniques, answers to common interview questions, and give you suggestions to further online training to boost your chance.

Visa readiness preparation
We will send you all the list of documents you should have ready to be eligible for the skilled worker visa and make you visa ready.

Interview coaching
1hr Zoom/Google Meet call once an interview is scheduled.

Job offer
When you successfully get a job offer, we will assist you to ensure you complete your visa application accurately by answering questions you may have.

Settling in UK
We will assist with links to obtaining your National Insurance and opening bank accounts.

Cost: This service is all inclusive of the above and cost £1500 for 6 months only. Any extension will be for a further 6 months and priced accordingly.


  1. The job search will begin in month 1 of payment receipt or as soon as possible after CV is reviewed and approved.
  2. The fees are payable in advance and chargeable whether a role is secured or not.
  3. This service is Talent Management Service only and does not include visa application fees or processing/representation fees, as these
  4. If a role is secured through MBL employer partners, a management fee of 5% of annual agreed salary is payable once upfront on job offer.  This is optional and candidates can opt in by confirming they want this service in an email to the TMS Team.

Note: Please note that signing up with TMS is not a guarantee for job placement however, we support you through the process to ensure you have the best chance at securing one.