We work with businesses to comply with the relevant/applicable laws in the areas of Data Privacy (GDPR), Financial, and migration compliance when transferring human resources from one country to another.



We are a compliance consultancy and solutions organisation working with our clients to understand how relevant regulations can potentially impact their business model, audit their current processes to highlight any risk, provide recommendations, create solutions to remedy the issues found and reduce/eliminate the risks identified permanently.

Founded in 2008, our sole purpose is to minimise regulatory burden and to ensure that compliance is not just perceived as another exercise but as an enabler to business growth for our clients.


GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation has changed and is continuing to change the way businesses deal with and use the data of their clients; otherwise known as “data subjects”.

In very simple terms, the GDPR means that organisations will need to take a more proactive approach towards management of personal data.

Immigration / Mobility Compliance

Employers must be aware of their responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working in order to remain compliant and avoid violating UK laws; as it is a criminal offense to employ a person who has no right to work in the United Kingdom, or no right to do the work being offered.

Management Team

Peju is an experienced immigration and data privacy specialist. She has over 12 years industry experience and has supported businesses to ensure that the migration of staff is compliant with relevant country migration laws, especially the United Kingdom.

- Peju Ojemuyiwa

Damola is a seasoned Financial Crime Analyst and qualified Solicitor with vast experience in financial crime and anti-money laundering advisory. She holds a Master’s degree in business management and completed the law school with distinction.

- Damola Bolade

Israel is an experienced IT Expert who has gathered over 20 years experience in the IT space. He went from being a Civil Engineer to becoming the IT Solution provider he is today. He is very dedicate and passionate about IT Solution for businesses.

- Yemi Oliyide