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We work with businesses to comply with the relevant/applicable laws in the areas of Data Privacy (GDPR), Financial, and migration compliance when transferring human resources from one country to another.

Our Services

We are a compliance consultancy and solutions organisation working with our clients to understand how relevant regulations can potentially impact their business model, audit their current processes to highlight any risk, provide recommendations, create solutions to remedy the issues found and reduce/eliminate the risks identified permanently.

Founded in 2008, our sole purpose is to minimise regulatory burden and to ensure that compliance is not just perceived as another exercise but as an enabler to business growth for our clients.

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation has changed and is continuing to change the way businesses deal with and use the data of their clients; otherwise known as “data subjects”.

In very simple terms, the GDPR means that organisations will need to take a more proactive approach towards management of personal data.

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The GDPR has given the data subject significant decision-making power to decide and determine how they want their data to be used when collected by businesses that they interact with for services.

For businesses in UK and around the world, this is a game changer and an unfamiliar terrain, and many have started to understand how GDPR may affect them and the risk it poses to them which can be from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds, dollars or Euros in the event of a breach or non-compliance with the law.

Organisations that are forward thinking and understand how being compliant with the GDPR can potentially affect their bottom line positively will simply not treat GDPR as another compliance issue. Instead, they will take a more robust view to managing client personal data and create an overall better experience for their customers and stakeholders.

At MichelleBelle Compliance Solutions, we have been working with businesses around the world to close the gap between where they are now and where their processes need to be for them to be compliant. We do this by undertaking an awareness campaign/training with the relevant stakeholders and staff, conduct Privacy Impact Assessments including Data Flow Mapping, identify risks provide recommendations and create solutions as a remediation plan for identified risks.

Some of our recent work includes:

» Helping a UK-based Estate Management Agency to conduct a detailed assessment of their existing data protection capabilities against the UK Data Protection Act and the GDPR and identifying key areas of improvement and remediation.

» Conducting the full gap analysis of processes within a UK-based immigration services company against the GDPR, identifying key areas of improvement and remediation, and project managing the proposed actions to implementation.

Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Most businesses will need advice on how to comply with the GDPR and stay compliant as their business processes evolves.

Many small and medium size enterprises cannot justify the financial expense of employing a full-time data protection officer to evaluate compliance impact of any proposed changes to their workflow processes.

More about Virtual DPO Officer
MichelleBelle Compliance Solutions’ Virtual Data Protection Officer service provides businesses with access to a IAPP certified GDPR practitioner to carry out Privacy Impact Analysis work as appropriate as well as annual audits and the provision of ad hoc data protection advice

Immigration / Mobility Compliance

Employers must be aware of their responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working in order to remain compliant and avoid violating UK laws; as it is a criminal offense to employ a person who has no right to work in the United Kingdom, or no right to do the work being offered.
More about Immigration & Mobility Compliance

Mobility compliance is a crucial component of recruiting overseas nationals. Failure to carry out the necessary checks and to follow the stringent processes designed to prevent illegal working can result in civil or criminal penalties, and restrictions on being able to sponsor overseas nationals to work in the UK in the future.

We work with businesses to implement and establish processes that maintain compliance and provides statutory defence against conviction for employing an illegal worker.

Our compliance services are designed specifically for UK based businesses and will help ensure that they avoid costly penalties and damages to their professional reputation.

Our compliance methodology includes:

» An on-site meeting with relevant stakeholders on the processes and procedures designed to satisfy regulatory requirements;

» An extensive audit of HR systems, processes, document checking and record keeping in order to identify hiring related practices that put your compliance status at risk;

» Carrying our gap analysis, identifying gaps in documents and processes, and carrying our remediation to fix identified gaps.

» A detailed audit report containing tailored guidance and specific recommendations and action points for improving your compliance processes.

We also provide bespoke in-house training to ensure that relevant stakeholders including key personnel, managers, and recruitment staff gain a strong understanding of when an overseas national can legally work in the UK, the necessary document checks, and how to meet sponsor duties including reporting and record-keeping responsibilities. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you remain compliant while hiring the best resource from anywhere in the world, please contact us.

Financial Compliance

The rapid and continuous rise in financial crimes through money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption along with the increase in regulatory demands is an ongoing challenge for businesses of all types and geographical locations.

As financial crimes are dynamic and continually evolving, it is vital that organisations have robust and adaptable compliance systems and controls in place to mitigate the risk that their businesses might be used as a conduit to commit financial crime.

More about Financial Compliance
Businesses are expected to adopt a risk based approach in tackling financial crime. This will be dependent on the size and nature of the business operations; it should be appropriate and proportionate to the type and scale of your business.

MichelleBelle has the expertise to assist your business in all aspects of Financial Crime Compliance: Designing and implementing financial crime programmes Independent testing of financial crime compliance procedures Developing bespoke training packages Providing general regulatory advice Developing remediation programmes[/learn_more]

MichelleBelle has the expertise to assist your business in all aspects of Financial Crime Compliance:


  • Designing and implementing financial crime programmes
  • Independent testing of financial crime compliance procedures
  • Developing bespoke training packages
  • Providing general regulatory advice
  • Developing remediation programmes
Our Management Team
MichelleBelle Compliance Solutions is the compliance division of MichelleBelle Limited providing full compliance consultancy to UK Immigration Advisory companies and corporate/international companies. Due to success of our immigration/mobility compliance service, we have expanded our compliance services and capabilities; we now deliver compliance consultancy services across immigration, GDPR, financial and KYC/AML. Our very experienced team across these areas are the key to our success.

We are regulatory compliance and legal professionals. Our expertise in risk, compliance, technology and strategy makes us unique and this is the reason why regulated firms and global corporate organisations choose us.

We are solution providers. Whether you’re a new start-up or you’ve been in business for years, we can provide a resolution to any regulatory issues that arise in the areas of our expertise.

Peju is an experienced immigration and data privacy specialist. She has over 12 years industry experience and has supported businesses to ensure that the migration of staff is compliant with relevant country migration laws, especially the United Kingdom.

Her expertise lies in advising and engaging with stakeholders to review and implement best processes that help them remain proactive with regulatory changes.

She is a member of the Internal Association of Privacy Practitioners and is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). Registered at the highest level with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner in the UK, she supports UK immigration organisations and their clients with building and implementing processes that satisfy regulatory and mobility compliance. Peju Ojemuyiwa

Director, Global Compliance & Assurance

Damola is a seasoned Financial Crime Analyst and qualified Solicitor with vast experience in financial crime and anti-money laundering advisory. She holds a Master’s degree in business management and completed the law school with distinction. She has over a decade of experience in stakeholder management and leading a diverse range of teams.

She has vast experience in providing regulatory advisory services, developing, reviewing and ensuring that procedures are compliant with the global requirement for dealing with Anti Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Prevention of terrorist financing and sanctions; for corporate entities, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals and high risk politically exposed persons.

Damola is a member of Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS). She has a solid background in resolving Financial Crime alerts/escalations, Know Your Customer (KYC) with experience in EU Directives, HM Treasury and UK Sanctions regime, OFAC Sanctions. Damola Bolade

Director of Financial Compliance

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